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NiMBUC Geoscience’s main business is the Processing, Analysis and Interpretation of Borehole Image Logs. Additionally, we provide services around BHI interpretation, such as Core Analysis, Petrophysics and Geological Mapping. We also offer training about Borehole Image Logs and its applications. Ask us for a quote.

NiMBUC Geoscience is independent from tool manufacturing and logging companies or other service companies. We can work with data from almost any Borehole Image Log tool available on the market. Our analyses and interpretations are unbiased and are focused only on the interest of our clients.

Every borehole image analysis begins with a Quality Control Check of the raw data. In the next step, the data will be processed.

Basically, you can choose from different analysis and interpretation modules that may be combined. NiMBUC Geoscience is also happy to provide individual solutions tailored to your needs. Find more information about our analysis and interpretation modules on the right.

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Our Service Modules


The analysis of Borehole Image Logs is highly dependent on the quality of the data source and logging environment. Our workflows for processing and quality control are long-term tested and will guarantee the best possible data quality. As independent consultants, we do not have any affiliation to any logging companies or service providers and hence can process and evaluate your wireline and LWD data no matter which logging contractor you are using. More…


Borehole Image Logs provide invaluable information for the characterization of a reservoir’s structural inventory. The near-wellbore structure, such as folds or faults, as well as the distribution and properties of fractures and faults, give an insight into the complex deformation geometries that ultimately govern fluid flow. The petrophysical response of fractures is controlled by mud-invasion, which can be used as an estimate for their aperture. More…


Borehole Image Logs provide invaluable information for the characterization of sedimentological history of a reservoir. The different types of bedforms and their orientation give insight into the depositional and post-depositional processes. Together with the sedimentological image facies the assessment of the depositional environments is possible. More…


Structural core analysis records all features related to brittle or ductile deformation, such as fractures, fault rocks or small-scale folds intersecting the borehole. We pay special attention to the tectonic history and timing of deformation, which can have tremendous effects on the reservoir properties. More…


NiMBUC Geoscience takes its experience from the oil & gas industry to create solutions tailored to the special needs for geothermal projects. We provide services directly at the well site and together with our clients we design suitable borehole image interpretation packages. We also offer to re-interpret existing data to facilitate decisions about new wells. More…


Our services around Borehole Images are a specialized but vital element within the Reservoir Characterization process. Our approach is to deliver integrated results to our clients, however. Therefore we offer additional services around Borehole Images partly together with partner companies to cover more aspects of the cycle. More…