Seismic and Borehole Image Study in the Caspian Sea

We performed a combined seismic and multi-well borehole image study for a confidential client in the Caspian Sea in 2021. The goal was to both reinterpret an existing seismic block and to enrich the interpretation results with high-detail interpretation from several borehole images from existing wells in the field.

This holistic approach allowed to complement the weaknesses of each method and to provide an integrated sedimentological model about the field for our client.

The sediment pathways and the underlying structural developments were modelled for a number of sequences and allow to reconstruct the field’s development over time.

The whole project was done in close cooperation with our client and by this we were able to finish the study within four months.

Bastian Roters

Senior Geologist
+13 years experience
responsible for Sedimentological Studies
and Project Management

Seismic Analysis