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Seismic and BHI Study in the Caspian Sea

An integrated study of a 3D-seismic and of borehole images was done on a field in the Caspian Sea to define a sedimento-logical and structural model for several sequences.

Multi-well Borehole Image Analysis for Nagra, Switzerland

For the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) we performed data QC, processing and quick-look analysis for their scientific borehole program.

Fracture Characterization, Illizi Basin, Algeria

Borehole image interpretation on 30 wells and core analysis in a multidisciplinary reservoir study for a confidential client on multiple wells in the Illizi Basin, Algeria.

Geothermal wells for Silenos Energy

With the help of LWD borehole image analysis we defined possible intervals for stimulation on a geothermal doublet in Garching a. d. Alz, Germany. The geothermal heat and power plant is in operation since January 2021.

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