NiMBUC Geoscience extends its activities in the geothermal sector. Recently, we conducted witnessing of LWD logging in a deep geothermal well onsite in the Molasse Basin in Southeast Bavaria. The well is part of a doublet system that will produce hot water driving a power plant.

Once the data from the logging tool were available we performed a rush interpretation of the borehole image data to provide our client with crucial data for borehole stimulation. Within less than 10 hours after logging completion we could share the results of our borehole image log interpretation with our client and therefore helped to meet the project schedule. Having witnessed the logging helped us to better understand the challenges of this well and to address and master them in order to successfully support our client in defining the best intervals for well stimulation.

Drill rig at well site by stux, C00 Creative Commons

Drill rig at a wellsite, by stux COO Creative Commons