Our Partner Nicola Levi will present the first results from the Alpine Stress Study at the EGU 2018 in Vienna this Friday, April 13th. This research project is performed at the University of Vienna together with Dr. Kurt Decker, Mario Habermüller and others.

geological map of the austrian molasse basin

So far they have analysed more than 60 wells in the foreland basin of the Austrian Alps. Nicola Levi will present first insights on the present day stress field and will discuss potential stress decoupling at the front of the Alps. For more details check out this abstract:

Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 20, EGU2018-12801, 2018 EGU General Assembly 2018 © Author(s) 2018. CC Attribution 4.0 license. Present Day Stress Field in the frontal part of the Eastern Alps (Austria) from Image Log Data